Voice and the Spirit

Chanting toon

The connection between voice and the spirit has been recognised since time began by cultures and traditions the world over.

From the original ‘Word’ of St. John’s gospel, and the creative ‘OM’ of the Vedas through the Kabbalistic and Sufi traditions, Pythagoreanism, and Tibetan Buddhism, to the animal cries and sacred chants of the Australian Aboriginals, Africans, shamans and Pagans; indeed, across the whole spectrum of human spirituality sound, voice and the spoken word has held a special and sacred space.

Over the last centuries, however, mainstream Western culture has become ashamed of the voices of all but a few selected ‘artists’ found to be worthy of expressing themselves.

In our own lives, here and now, we can find enormous benefit from freeing our self-expression and uncovering our own beautiful, natural voice which lies waiting in potential, dormant until we choose to acknowledge it. For in freeing our voice we let go of many internal limitations and restrictions. This process of letting go releases physical tensions, outmoded patterns of fear and self-denial and other emotional blockages, and allows us the awareness to connect with our own inner beauty.

As we once again hear the purity of our voices and their natural strength returns so we learn to heal ourselves and others whenever we speak or sing. As we start to speak our truth from our inner source of power and creativity so our words become aliver and naturally empowered; our affirmations taking on a whole new dimension.

As we start to express ourselves more openly and more completely so our communications and thus our relationships improve. And as we breathe in and let go, so we allow the univers to flow through us and around us bringing new and enriching experiences, understandings, people and objects into our sphere of awareness – true prosperity.

So where can we start? The first thing to do is become aware of the sounds around you, to really start to listen, and to acknowledge the beauty of your own voice, right now, with its unique blend of rhythms, melodies, tones and overtones. To enjoy, indeed to love, the sound of your own voice is to allow it some space in which to dance.

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