Secrets of Spring (Part One)

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Spring is upon us and right now there are some great opportunities to really move forward in your life!

If you pay attention this month you can sense a new burst of life potential that is just not found at other times of the year.

When we understand ourselves and the nature of the season we are in we can get fabulous results in our life – but when we are unconscious of these we tend to fall into certain seasonal traps.

Would you like to know how to get the most benefit from this time of year? Then read on…

The season of Spring is all about lightness and flexibility on all levels.

It’s also the easiest time of year to cultivate a positive future direction, to step out and be filled with the hope of new possibilities. Think of it as a ‘seasonal New Year’ – a fresh start and a new beginning.

Getting up a bit earlier in the day, shaking off the sleep of Winter and getting clear on what you aspire to do and how you aspire to be in this new day is a great way to start off on the right foot.

Essential yoga therapy exercises for your body and breath are ones that increase your lightness, flexibility and forward vision. These exercises also include, perhaps surprisingly, promoting the opposite qualities at well. That is, specific poses to build the core strength and stability of the lower body so you can deal with the new openness and the rising-energy headiness of Spring without toppling over or becoming too erratic or unstable.

How can you take advantage of the excitement and possibilities of the new season without spinning out?

That is what you really need to know right now!
       SPRING SECRETS (PART TWO) coming next week…

You’re invited to our Spring workshop!

I’m delighted to announce that my long-time yoga teacher, Andzej, and I will be co-teaching a Spring-themed workshop called ‘Leap into Life’ on Sunday September 30 at Qi Yoga and Health here in Freshwater on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches.

Yoga, meditation, personal goal-setting, shiatsu, food lecture – plus a special guest didgeridoo sound healing!

Andzej Gospodarczyk is the foremost pioneer of meridian-based Yoga and Zen Shiatsu here in Australia since 1982. He is an absolute master yoga teacher and if you’ve never been to one of his classes you’ll find them like nothing you’ve ever done before.

Book your ticket now so you don’t miss out!

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