Secrets of Spring (Part One)

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Spring is upon us and right now there are some great opportunities to really move forward in your life!

If you pay attention this month you can sense a new burst of life potential that is just not found at other times of the year.

When we understand ourselves and the nature of the season we are in we can get fabulous results in our life – but when we are unconscious of these we tend to fall into certain seasonal traps.

Would you like to know how to get the most benefit from this time of year? Then read on…

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How Much Water Is Enough?

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The overarching key to health is balance.
Applying this to the drinking of water the key is to drink the right amount of the right stuff at the right time in the right manner.
‘More is better’ is a popular formula but it will only work for those who are not drinking enough. Increasing water intake will actually be detrimental to those who are already drinking enough or even too much.

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Meditation and Nature

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An opportunity to develop your awareness and relationship with yourself and your natural environment.

A way of talking with Nature and learning to attend to her needs.

You are a part of Nature!
You live inside the evolved body of an animal.

Consider that when you breathe, a piece of the sky is inside your body.

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Sitting, Lying and Walking Meditation (Podcast)

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In this podcast, Stephen and one of his students discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different meditation postures.

The benefits of falling asleep during meditation, how to avoid getting a sore back, and how to keep things flowing are all discussed.


seiza, a Zen sitting meditation pose

half lotus-toon

half lotus or adept’s pose